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Spinal Disorders are different than a broken our arm or leg. This is fracture or dislocation of a vertebra can cause bone fragments to pinch and damage the spinal nerves or our spinal cord. Most spinal fractures occur from car accidents, falls, gunshot, or sports.

Brain Contusion

A contusion is a bruise to the brain itself. A contusion causes bleeding and swelling inside of the brain around the area where the head was struck. Contusions may occur along with a fracture or other blood clots.

Cord contusion
It  is an injury caused by crushing of the cord with part of its tissue spared, particularly the ventral nerve fibers connecting the spinal cord rostral and caudal to the injury remain physically intact. also referred to as transient quadriplegia or cervical neurapraxia, result from an injury to the upper part of the spine, called the cervical spine. The spinal cord can become bruised when the cord gets compressed against the spinal column, called a contusion.

Depressed skull fractures result in the bone of the skull vault being folded (depressed) inward into the cerebral parenchyma. It is usually the result of a high energy impact to the skull.

Subdural hemorrhage

A subdural hemorrhage (or hematoma) is a type of bleeding that often occurs outside the brain as a result of a severe head injury. It takes place when blood vessels burst between the brain and the leather-like membrane that wraps around the brain (the dura mater). The pooling blood creates pressure on the surface of the brain, causing a variety of problems.

Extradural hematoma (EDH), also known as an epidural hematoma, is a collection of blood that forms between the inner surface of the skull and outer layer of the dura, which is called the endosteal layer. They are usually associated with a history of head trauma and frequently associated skull fracture. The source of bleeding is usually arterial, most commonly from a torn middle meningeal artery.