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The Central Nervous system comprises of the brain and spinal cord. It is alluded to as “central” it collects all information and transports the information across the body. Our skull is protected the brain and our cord travel from the back of the brain. A triple layered membrane that is call meninges is covered our brain and spinal cord. The CNS “Central Nervous System” holds many secrets. It holds emotions, movements, thoughts and many more activities. It also controls our body organs like breath, heart rate, hormones and body temperature. Optic nerves, retina and olfactory nerves are directly connected with CNS that is also be considered as part of CNS. “It consumes 20% of oxygen that we breathe”. It consists of 100+ billion neurons. Brain is divided into 2 halves or hemispheres., The right and left hemispheres, which sit atop a central portion called brainstem. Each cerebral hemisphere is divided into four different segments: Temporal lobe, Parietal, Occipital and Frontal. CNS is the most complex organ system of our body.

  1. Temporal lobe (green): it is play an important role in CNS it work transport and processing sensory input and assigning it emotional meaning. Temporal lobe involved in laying down our long term memories. In Some aspects of language perception are also identified here.
  2. Occipital lobe (purple): Occipital word comes from optical because it used for visual processing region of the brain, housing the visual cortex.
  3. Parietal lobe (yellow): It may help to identify sensory information including touch, spatial awareness, and navigation. Touch stimulation from the skin is ultimately sent to the parietal lobe. Pasietal lobe is plays an important part in language processing.
  4. Frontal lobe (pink): It positioned at the front part of the brain, the frontal lobe contains the dopamine-sensitive neurons. It is involved in attention, reward, short-term memory, motivation, and planning.

Our best neurosurgeon doctor says four important functions perform by our CNS and how it to make healthy:

  1. It supplies and transmits the message to our whole body by nerves. Our nerves send an electrical impulse that why it needed certain minerals, protein and multi-vitamins. So we take dark chocolate, calcium, potassium and vitamin B. Dark chocolate have rich of tryptophan amino acid that act as neurotransmitter. Calcium and potassium generate the electrical impulse and transmitted by the nerves. Due to lack of potassium and calcium person suffer from epilepsy and other major diseases of the nerves. Take banana, orange prunes milk leafy green and eggs these are the good source of calcium and potassium.
  2. Protect our nerves through Vitamin B. Vitamin B1,B2 and B6 help to transmit the impulse from brain to our body. Our nerves have protective coating that is called myelin sheath like electrical cables. It is acts as insulator for the transmitting nerves. So person should take Vitamin B12 to protect our nerves. Vitamin B also protects our verves from chemical that may cause of damage of nerves.
  3. Yoga is best way to protect the nerves it may help to reduce the stressed control many emotion that may harm our nerves. During the Yoga when you take deep breathe our nerves consume max. Amount of oxygen and it build stronger. It may also increase memory strength, concentration and you feel relaxation. Regular practice of yoga person keeps healthy and decrease cortisol level. It also improves our health.
  4. Exercise is also improved the functioning of the nerves that serves our muscles and other body parts. It increase nervous system healthy and improve the nerves. Person should take herbal green tea that improves hormones, concentration, and other problem-solving abilities.
  5. Staying healthy in general, following a physically active healthy lifestyle and having a positive attitude goes miles in having a healthy central nervous system.