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Patient Resources

Patient Attendees

To maximize patient rest, care, safety and infection control we encourage minimum disturbance to patients.

1. Only 1 person per 1 valid pass is allowed in the patient area.
2. Please co-Operate with the security for checks as & when necessary.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.

No Tipping Policy

At Snaayu Neuroscience Clinic, we do not encourage tipping. We request you refrain from giving tips to the staff/employees.

Patient Rights


You have the right to be treated with respect regardless of race, religion, disability, nationality, origin or of source of payment.

Communication :

You have the right to seek and receive all information necessary for you to understand your medical condition, clarify your doubts before signing the consents forms.

Freedom to Choose :

You have right to choose and change your physician, request for a second opinion, accept or refuse any procedure, drug.

Privacy & Confidentiality :

You have the right to privacy, Confidentiality in your treatment & consultation.

Suggestions & Grievances:

You have right to make suggestions and express grievances.

Information on Hospital Bills :

You have the right to known the expected cost of treatment, receive an explanation of charges regardless of source of payment.

Patient Responsibilities

Be Honest :

Provide complete and accurate history of illness ,medications, allergies. Be on time for appointments

Respect Other Patients :

Respect other patients medical condition, be considerate of noise levels.

Active Participation :

Obtain clarification about your treatment plan, understand all instruction before signing the consent forms.

Bill Payment :

You have the responsibility to be prompt about payment of clinic bills.

Abide by Rules :

Observe the “Take care of Belongings”, “No smoking “,visiting Hours & numbers”, “No Flowers”, “No Outside Eatables” & other rules of the hospital.

Feedback :

You should direct complaints (if any)to the to the floor manager / manager or provide a written feedback so that immediate action will be taken to address your concern.