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Dr. Pranjal Pandey

Consultant – Neurosurgery
Neurosurgery MBBS, MS General Surgery,
M.Ch. Neurosurgery
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Dr. Sweety Trivedi Pandey

MD Internal Medicine, DM Neurology
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Qualified Team
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Our team of diagnosticians is always ready to help you be healthier.
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Latest Evidence
Based Approach

Snaayu offers the comprehensive range of neuro treatment
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Affordable Care

Snaayu neuroscience services help you get the most accurate diagnosis
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Neuro Surgery

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Welcome to Snaayu

Snaayu Neuroscience clinic is a medical consultant of neurologists and neurosurgeons doctor. Dr. Pranjal Pandey is a consultant in Neurosurgery. Dr. Sweety Trivedi is an MD Internal Medicine and DM Neurology. Snaayu has the best Neurosurgeon doctor in Noida. Our specialists strived to provide timely diagnosis and considered the patient in critical condition and recovered from a critical head injury and trauma. Our center is an independent facility of comprehensive neurology brain, spine, and Nerve care. Our holistic Neurosurgeon doctors cares for patients with medical conditions affecting the brain, spine, muscle, epilepsy nerves, muscles disorder, Parkinson’s disease, Alzehimers's disease and dementia. Neuroscience specialists maintain an active sub-specialty of neurology interests. Snaayu Neuroscience is committed to providing the best neuro care to patients with the highest standard of care. Suppose you're looking for the best neurologist doctor near me or the best neurosurgeon doctor near me to treat a neurological condition for you or your family members. Snaayu has neurologists and Neurosurgeons doctors in Noida who are serving expertise in a complete spectrum of advanced medical and surgical interventions, with a comprehensive mix of inpatient and outpatient services.

Dr. Sweety Trivedi Pandey is a neurologist doctor in Noida, She has specialized in neurology and is trained to investigate, diagnose, and treat complex neurological disorders patients like central nervous system disorder, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease, and dementia. Snaayu's doctor has good experience in electrophysiology and stroke thrombolysis. Her sincere approach to empathy and preservice together with neurological insights into the issues helps deliver the best available neurological management.

What Makes Us Different

Comprehensive Neurological Care

We offer neurology testing such as EEGs and Ambulatory EEGs for diagnosis of neuro disease like epilepsy and EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies for diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders.

Qualified Specialists

Snaayu has the best neurologist and neurosurgeon doctor who specializes in neurology and is trained to investigate, diagnose, and treat neurological disorders is known as a neurologist.

Evidence Based Management Protocols

We are a well experienced, dynamic and collaborative team to address your concern. And we provide better treatment and diagnose the neuro patient.

Affordable Care

Snaayu Neuroscience provides the best neuro treatment for the most complex neurological disorders. Our health care professionals work together and provide special care for our patients.

All Kinds of Treatment

Snaayu Neuroscience has best neurologist doctors with best available technology to treat patients suffering from various neuroscience disorders. We specialize in treating the full spectrum of neurological disease like Brain, Spine, Migraine, Epilepsy, Alziemers, Parkinsons, Brain Stroke, Brain Tumor, Neuromuscular disease etc. Our best neurologists provide cranial endoscopic neurosurgery, Cervical disc replacement, endovascular neurosurgery. Dr. Pranja, a neurosurgeon and Dr. Sweety, a neurologist in Noida, is the unit encompassing an experienced and dedicated team.

Our Services

At our clinic, you can experience the best and the most extensive range of neurosciences solutions in the state.

Dr. Pranjal Pandey
Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Sweety Trivedi Pandey
Neuro Physician



How to keep our central nervous system healthy

The Central Nervous system comprises of the brain and spinal cord. It is alluded to as “central” it collects all information and transports the information across the body. Our skull is protected the brain and our cord travel from the back of the brain. A triple layered membrane that is call meninges is covered our […]

Autoimmune disorder with antibodies

Autoimmune autonomic ganglionopathy (AAG) is a rare autoimmune disorder with antibodies against ganglionic nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (α3-nAChR) of the autonomic ganglia¹. Patients may experience symptoms of acute to subacute.

Stroke Recovery

A stroke is triggered when a blood vessel in the brain gets blocked or bursts. A common analogy is that it’s like a heart attack in the brain. Blood vessels are critical as they carry nutrients and oxygen to the brain.