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Cancellation policy


If client wants to cancel any project at any point of time, then the cancellation request should be submitted to us in written manner with an authorized signature. If project is cancelled due to any reason, before completion, we will issue an invoice for the amount of work completed at that point of time, depending on the resources used for that work.

Any project delay from client’s side lasting longer than 7 days will be considered as cancelled by Snaayu staff and it will not get restarted unless we receive the request in written in mail.

Refund Policy

We follows the refund policy as stated below and any client by registering for any of our services, agrees to accept our refund policy.

Before filing a complaint for refund, all possible attempts for achieving acceptable solution should be a priority. Refund will be considered as a last result when nothing is working out between us and our clients.

Refund requests will only be considered if we are unable to reach mutually satisfying solution.

We consider refunds as follows:


  • If patient will not come due to any serious illness.
  • If doctor will go for any serious of emergency cases.
  • Refunds will be processed within 7 working days after the formal cancellation date of the project.