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Autoimmune disorder is a neurological disease i.e encompasses immune-inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) other than multiple sclerosis (MS). The autoimmune neurology subspecialty is driven by recent discoveries and research of multiple autoantibodies that target proteins expressed in the Central Nervous System of our body. Autoimmune neurology interacts with many other subspecialties, including behavioral neurology, epilepsy, headache, stroke, seizure, cognitive dysfunction and movement disorders. Remarkable discoveries over the last two decades have elucidated the autoimmune basis of several, previously poorly understood, neurological disorders. It may affect any part of the nervous system, that including the brain, spinal cord (central nervous system, CNS) and also the peripheral nerves. Neurological autoimmune disorders typically affect patients in one of two ways. Some disorders attack only the nervous system and few, if any other organs. Neurologic symptoms can also occur in autoimmune diseases where the nervous system is one of the many organs affected.

Causes of Autoimmune Disorder

The blood cells in the body’s immune system help protect against harmful substances. Examples include bacteria, viruses, toxins, cancer cells, and blood and tissue from outside the body. These substances contain antigens. The immune system produces antibodies against these antigens that enable it to destroy these harmful substances. When you have an autoimmune disorder, your immune system does not distinguish between healthy tissue and potentially harmful antigens. As a result, the body sets off a reaction that destroys normal tissues. The exact cause of autoimmune disorders is unknown. One theory is that some microorganisms (such as bacteria or viruses) or drugs may trigger changes that confuse the immune system. This may happen more often in people who have genes that make them more prone to autoimmune disorders.

Snaayu Neurosciences Clinic approaches

Autoimmune neurological disorders require expert evaluation to provide an accurate diagnosis by neurology physician. Snaayu Neuroscience Clinic’s state-of-the-art resources include highly experience in Neuroscience treatment, diagnosis and longitudinal care of patients with these disorders. We recommend FDA Approved medicines for most autoimmune neurological diseases.